The IP Logger PRO - Your counter, your web analyzer.


The IP Logger PRO - Your counter, your web analyzer.
Keep it simple and efficient. Just like the debilsoft IP Logger PRO.
The IP Logger PRO provides a straightforward and efficient way to record and analyze your
website visitors completely.

Record the geographical location, the user referrer, the IP and many more essential
information of every single visitor.
Use these facts to provide useful information for advertising, marketing or to adduce evidence.
All this with a very simple installation on your website.

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+ free support and free lifetime updates

IP Logger PRO - LIVE DEMO 1:
Display example on your website.

- Record every single visitor
- See every single referrer
- Get information about the geo location of every single visitor
- Record every single IP address
- Use geotargeting for marketing
- Protect your site from violation
- Very easy installation
- All data stay on your site in contrast to Google Analytics and others
- You can also turn off the display to run in invisible mode

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